Monday, June 05, 2006

In Case You Were Wondering . . .

In Case You Were Wondering . . .

Mayor: Bob Foster. I seriously hope this guy wins. I’ve given a few reasons over the weeks, so I won’t repeat them again. This is an important you could cast at the local level. With the low turnout, you vote could have a big impact.

Governor: I’m voting for Phil Angelides. I’m willing to play the Democratic dupe one more time, and I’ll 100% behind him as we head towards the November election. But if he tanks it . . . next time I might be willing to vote for the guy who can afford to buyout the Democratic establishment . . . barring he comes along again.

Lieutenant Governor: I got a call from Al Gore telling me to vote for John Garamendi . . . and so it shall be.

Secretary of State: This was a tough one, as I don’t have an impression of either candidate . . . so in the ‘Battle of the Deborah’s” I’ve randomly chosen Deborah Ortiz . . . this is an important office for us to retake after Kevin Shelly tanked it for us.

Controller: Joe Dunn. Dude! He took down Enron!

Treasurer: Bill Lockyer.

Attorney General: No question . . . Jerry Brown.

Insurance Commissioner: John Kraft. Who’s John Kraft? He’s not Cruz Bustamante, who just further goes to show that term limits don’t work . . . these guys just find a way to keep bouncing around. I mean does Cruz Bustamante really want/need to be Insurance Commissioner? Really?

State Board of Equalization (4th District): Judy Chu! Judy Chu! Judy Chu! Always standing with the people without having to be cajoled and prodded. Do not to vote for Jerome Horton under any circumstances . . . his is a political career that needs to end before it does any more damage.

US Senate: Martin Luther Church. I just haven’t been impressed with DiFi. I could start with vote for the Iraq War and go from there . . . but that’s I’ll I need to vote for MLC.

US Representative: I’m not thrilled with Juanita Millender-McDonald, but Peter Mathews is horrible.

State Assembly: Happily, I’ll be voting for Betty Karnette.

Judge (Office 122): Daniel Lowenthal.

Sheriff: Ray Leyva. He called and told me he was the only Democrat running for Sheriff.

Prop 81 & 82: Yes.

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