Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Good Results . . .

Some fine people were elected to the Long Beach City Council yesterday. Suja Lowenthal (pictured to the left), and Gerrie Schipske will some much needed perspective to the City Council. Both women are intelligent, and have the best for Long Beach set in their intentions.

I know both women. Suja is graceful, charming, and an excellent speaker. If she keeps playing her cards right, she'll have a long political future. I know I'm gushing a bit here, but I think she serves as a great role model for women.

Same goes for Gerrie Schipske. In the interest of disclosure, I'll let you know that I worked for Gerrie on two occasions. This win has been a long time coming, and I'm sure she'd tell you this win is for everybody that's ever served in the trenches with Gerrie. She's a good woman, and she'll make Long Beach proud.

Kosher Ham


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