Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What’s Next . . .

On Monday, President Bush announced that we’ll be sending 6,000 ‘troops’ to the border. Those quotations are for me, not the President. I call them ‘troops’ because that’s what we call them in Iraq. So, why should they be different now? Don’t get me wrong, I respect these men and women greatly. But, the President can’t have his cake and eat it too. He can’t say he’s not militarizing the border by sending the National Guard down there. I mean, that would be like saying that wherever the National Guard is located in Iraq isn’t actually a war zone.

So that gets everybody spinning Monday into Tuesday.

Yesterday, the Pentagon released video of American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon. So, everybody’s watching that yesterday into today.

So, I wonder what will happen today?

I suspect the Bush Administration will say/do anything to try and make you forget they’ve been illegally spying on you.

Kosher Ham

UPDATE - The DOW fell 200 points today, and Bush also singed tax cuts for the wealthy . . . please, please, please forget your being spied on.


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