Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Traveling Man . . .

I’m currently at a Best Western in Sacramento.

I’m here for the Housing California Annual Conference.

I will be part of a panel tomorrow morning on condominium conversions.

I got here yesterday, and I go home tomorrow.

I don’t really ‘enjoy’ traveling for business. People at my work think I’m lucky. I wouldn’t exactly call myself lucky as I sit here by myself watching a load of crap on television.

But I do consider myself fortunate for being able to have the opportunity to be involved with this conference, and all the amazing people who are working to provide choices and opportunities for the many who don’t have any choices or opportunities when it comes to purchasing a home.

In addition to the many things I’ve learned at this conference, I did learn one thing in particular . . .

Apparently, if you stick me in a hotel room with nothing to do . . . I’ll actually sit through an entire episode of House . . . I’ll doubtfully check out the cantankerous doctor again.

Kosher Ham


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