Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pelosi-fied . . .

Who does Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi think she is . . . and why does she suck?

That’s the question I pose to you. You may be asking in return . . . why would I even ask you that question in the first place. Shouldn’t Democrats support Democrats?

Well, mostly yes . . . but sometimes we have to root out own to preserve the values and longevity of the Party. I think the Party has incredible leaders, but Ms. Pelosi is currently failing to be a leader . . . so . . . she shouldn’t be Leader anymore.

My disgust started when I read she was teaming with House Speaker Dennis Hastert to decry the FBI seizing of Congressman William Jefferson’s records from his House Office. I don’t want to jump to conclusions . . . but . . . Mr. Jefferson appears to be less than scrupulous. So, I’m not sure we should protect him, rather we should dump him to show what are Party won’t stand for from our own Members.

While Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hastert have certain valid points with regards to searches and seizures of the records of Members of Congress, I hate that they stand up more for Member’s right’s than they do our rights. Where is the bi-partisan effort, when we are spied on, and have our rights violated?

When I read the story that Ms. Pelosi was aligned with Mr. Hastert to protect Member’s of Congress . . . I just started to think something’s rotten in DC. So, I wasn’t surprised when the next article I clicked on was about how Mr. Hastert is now under investigation by the FBI for his involvement in a potential bribe scheme with Jack Abramoff.

Okay. Now I understand why he’s opposed to record’s being seized from the offices of Member’s of Congress . . . because he’s afraid he’ll be next.

But why Pelosi . . . who is she protecting?

Pray to whomever you pray to, that Democrats don’t get further caught up in this mess.

After defending the Party last week, they’re making me look like an ass (no pun intended). Again, there are good leaders within the Democratic Party . . . I’m just not sure if our Leader is such a leader.

Kosher Ham


Blogger AK-Defense-Force said...

Of Course She sucks! What a Liberal Bitch...Trying to Undermine The Country's Efforts to Fight Terrorism...and the War We Are All in! Just wait...if the Dems get in office, w/ Mommy Hillary and Poppa Bill...GOD BLESS US! We're done! Toast. You Fucking Idiots in SF and The Left Coast...Your're Doomed.


5:43 PM  

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