Saturday, May 20, 2006

Parting Shot . . .

With a great deal of dignity, out-going Long Beach Mayor, Beverly O’Neill lashed out at President Bush yesterday. Picking up on a common theme, Ms. O’Neill criticized the President for not being, “open to the ideas of mayors.” I don’t know the particulars, but based on how open to ideas the President has been for the last five years . . . I’m going to have to support my Mayor here.

Referring to the Bush Administration as, “not being a full partner”, Ms. O’Neill charged the federal government with not investing in urban areas. This is where I’ll have to disagree with Ms. O’Neill.

Baghdad is an example of an urban area that has received substantial investment from the Bush Administration. Also, Kabul comes to mind as another urban are to be substantially invested in by the Bush Administration.

All kidding aside, Mayor O’Neill is well within her rights to charge that the federal government has neglected Long Beach. Since Bush has been President, Long Beach has moved from the 37th poorest city in the nation to the 6th poorest city in the nation.

Like Mayor O’Neill stated in her address, “The people in our communities are making real financial decisions as they deal with the ripple effect of this crisis in our country."

People aren’t going out to dinner as much, not taking as many trips, not seeing as many friends, not visiting family as often. Beyond that, some people are deciding between food, medicine, rent, and clothing.

Good for Mayor O’Neill for saying something about it. When people criticize her for being ‘middle of the road’ I’ll point this out to them.

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