Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't Supersize, Just Modernize . . .

If you read this space, than you know that a month or so ago I was clamoring on a bit about the need to improve the terminal at Long Beach Airport. The airport is a bit of a touchy subject in Long Beach . . . to say the least . . . although not quite as touchy as airport expansion is in is Mexico City.

I’ll simplistically sum it up as such: Side A, generally backed by business interests, including those who directly profit from airport business, desperately want the terminal improved. Side B believes that the only reason Side A wants the airport improved is so that eventually the number of commercial flights can be expanded beyond the current limit of 41. The expansion of the number of flights is something Side B is adamantly opposed to.

I think both sides have drawn such a hard line on their positions, that they are probably too entrenched to really figure out a meaningful solution.

I guess I’m of the opinion that the airport needs to be modernized. Just look at the picture. Is Long Beach a major leaguer or a minor leaguer? We have a minor league airport, and that what a lot of people see when they see Long Beach – the minor leagues.

I think we’re a major league city, and we deserve a major league airport. I hope all sides can come together and give Long Beach the quality looking airport we deserve. As it stands, ‘Terminal 4’ is a bungalow, just like my 6th grade classroom. And, when you walk to the plane, make sure you follow the ‘walkway’, which is really just a bunch of scotch-taped arrows on the ground. Oh, and the kicker, you get to go on one of those 1970’s style stairways up to the plane . . . it’s kind of cool . . . but it’s time to modernize.

We don’t need a massive airport in Long Beach . . . but we do need a modern airport.

Kosher Ham


Blogger Matthew Andrew said...

glad someone feels the same way for our city and our airport.

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