Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who’s Watching Our City . . .

Maybe Long Beach needs a website like I’m not saying things are corrupt here, but a website like this would sure serve as one hell of a check. The website concentrates on the political corruption in Huntington Park, but also seems to cover political corruption from across the spectrum, but mainly focusing on East Los Angeles County.

I’m sure it’s no secret that in small cities, Compton comes to mind, corruption can run amuck. But we should also be reminded, especially in light of the Dan Baker resignation, that corruption can occur in large cities as well. That’s why open government is so important.

Anyway, you should keep tabs on what’s going on in your local community. Who knows? Maybe you have a miniature version of Tom Delay running around your own neighborhood.

I posted a link to on the left, check it when you can.

Kosher Ham


Blogger Ham (on Wry) said...

I truly admire this web log ... I've enjoyed the hell out of every piece you've posted. I wish I had your ability to write a short, sharp, clean sentence.

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