Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What About Bob . . .

It’s Election Day in Long Beach. A glorious day when less than 20% of Long Beach residents exercise their civic duty, and vote. I already voted via an absentee ballot.

I voted for Bob Foster. To borrow his campaign slogan, he is the better choice for Long Beach. I’m not pinning my hopes and dreams on Mr. Foster. I’m not sure the Office of the Mayor will oblige him the political power to fulfill his goals. But I am confident he will throw his opinion around a lot more, and that should make things interesting.

He’s also a Democrat. Now, being a Democrat means more than just disliking President Bush, as some people seem to think. I hope Mr. foster carries the values and principles of the Democratic Party to his office.

I also think of the major candidates, that Mr. Foster is most likely to give voice to those Long Beach residents who have none.

No doubt, I’ll be watching and reporting. After all, I want to see how far my $50 donation and my ‘Bob Foster’ yard sign go politically.

Good Luck, Bob.

Kosher Ham

PS - Bring back the moustache after you're elected.


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