Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Real Commitment . . .

I read this article yesterday at, and it reminded me of why I voted for mayoral candidate Bob Foster in April, and will do so again on June 6, when the City of Long Beach holds run-off elections.

The Washington Post reported that after a Republican press event held at a gas station, at which they touted themselves as being committed to alternative energy sources, House Speaker, Dennis J. Hastert, who appeared to have walked to the station, left in a fuel-efficient vehicle, apparently headed for his office. But he went only a block or so before he got out and stepped into his pre-positioned gas-guzzling armored SUV to take him back to his office.

Mr. Hastert claimed that he rose in the armored SUV for security reasons. I’ll go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt, but either way, when Bob Foster drives his fuel-efficient vehicle he’s gonna drive to where he actually intends to go, and not just around the corner.

Now, don’t confuse what I’m saying here. I’m not voting for Mr. Foster because he drives an fuel-efficient vehicle. I’m voting for him because he really drives it. Mr. Foster seems like a real person to me. He’s let us know where he stands on the issues, and he’s let us know who he is as a person. At this point, I have every reason to believe him, and plenty of reasons as to why I like what I hear. Bob Foster is for real.

I’m not saying that Frank Colonna is fake, but even the Press-Telegram couldn’t help but raise an eye-brow when he listed himself as an environmental specialist, a position he has not held since 1976. And, of course, who could forget Mr. Colonna’s use of public funds to pay for a bullet-proof window at his realty office.

I guess when it comes down to it, I see Bob Foster as the guy who will actually drive his energy efficient vehicle, and not get out get into an gas guzzling SUV when he’s out of public sight.

Like I said, I think he’s the real deal.

Kosher Ham


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