Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One Step Closer To Sacramento . . .

No, I’m not running for State Office. Last night my wife was watching American Idol, and she saw a commercial saying that jetBlue was going to start flying from Long Beach to Sacramento. I checked the website, and low and behold . . . it’s true!

This is great news for me. I have to fly to Sacramento with a bit of frequency. I always have to go to LAX, and for a day trip, that’s a real pain in the ass. Now, I can drive about 7 minutes from my home to the Long Beach Airport.

This also means that now Long Beach can host more things. I always have to go to Sacramento, Los Angeles, Oakland, or Orange County for statewide meetings, events, and conferences. This isn’t because these are wonderful cities for hosting events, it’s because these are places that you can fly to from Sacramento (there are a lot of organizations in Sacramento that have members throughout the state, Housing California, and the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers are just a couple*). If Long Beach hosted something in the past, this meant a lot of people had to fly into LAX, and travel down to Long Beach. Hardly as convenient as flying into the same city you are going to do business in.

This does of course, raise some another issue . . .

The Long Beach Airport needs a serious upgrade. In reality, we should be quite grateful that Jetblue operates out of Long Beach Airport. Of course, their here, because demand exists, so I’m sure they are grateful to us as well. Nonetheless, upgrading the ‘terminal’ would be of benefit to all involved. One of the ‘gates’ is actually a bungalow . . . like a big version of the one you went to school in. A nicer, more modern facility would make Long Beach look better in the eyes of all who travel to our city, and the airport would be a more suitable and professional environment for the carriers, and passengers alike.

The first time I went to the Long Beach Airport was sometime in the mid-90’s. I went to pick up my roommate at the time. The terminal was so small I drove past it twice because I didn’t think a building that small could possibly be an airport terminal.

I mean, I appreciate the airport’s quaintness and all, but something can be modern, and still quaint.

Kosher Ham


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