Thursday, April 13, 2006

Governmental Rhinoplasty (Part 1) . . .

The basic gist of this Press-Telegram editorial is that the Long Beach City Council is more concerned about banal ‘in-district’ issues, as opposed to important policy issues that affect the entire city. That’s not entirely new thought, and there are many instances that would cause me to agree with that basic gist, but I find their gist just a little oversimplified (well, maybe a lot oversimplified). But, what I don’t agree with is the other gist of the editorial: That a restructuring of City Hall would change the focus of the City Council.

Supposedly, a ‘dozen or so’ people are organizing a campaign to supposedly create a governmental structure that will supposedly restore leadership, and vision back to Long Beach. Also, supposedly changing the structure of government will put more focus on a city wide agenda, as opposed the aforementioned ‘in-district’ vision. I always find it interesting, and a bad idea, when ‘a dozen or so’ people decide to change the structure of government. Probably, if a governmental system is going to change, more than a dozen people should be involved in developing the options.

The group of ‘a dozen or so’ is calling themselves, “Citizens for a Better Long Beach”. I guess that’s the Orwellian name Long Beach’s business interests have chosen for themselves in attempt to get the public to more easily and readily digest their plan. I think they all should step back, and let the new Mayor (it will be Bob Foster, it’s just a matter of time) put his signature on the Office before we start blowing it up.

Like I said, when ‘a dozen or so’ people conspire to change a governmental body, I respond to that with a great deal of concern, and so should you. After all, don’t you at least wonder what this group thinks a ‘better’ Long Beach would look like?

Kosher Ham


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