Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Upside To Civil War . . .

Only FOX News Channel could come with such an absurd talking point. No doubt, priming their conservative viewers for what is apparently an eventuality now in Iraq. Trying to spin blood in the streets into something good is at minimum deplorable. If one were to take things a step further, one might argue that FOX News Channel is undermining our troops’ effort, and aiding the enemy.

Having a major American media outlet wax optimistic about the potential benefits of a civil war in Iraq could certainly be construed as having a negative impact. Maybe the insurgency would feel they are the brink of getting the civil war they want? Maybe they would feel even more justified in their actions? Doesn’t this send a conflicting message to our troops, who are working to avoid a civil war in Iraq?

I’m sure this would be viewed as an exaggeration on my part, but if a liberal media outlet were to make such a suggestion, or rather, do anything that could possible be perceived as aiding and abetting the enemy – the charge would be made.

That’s all. I just thought you might need a reminder of how sick Fox News Channel is.

Kosher Ham


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