Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Rich Get Richer . . .

I must seriously be in the wrong line of work. According to Forbes magazine, the number of billionaires worldwide increased by 102 people in 2006 to 793, a record number, largely due to bullish global stock markets.

Their total net worth jumped 18 percent to $2.6 trillion.

With 371, the U.S. is the country with the most billionaires. The total worth of all U.S. billionaires combined is $1.1 trillion.

The US national debt is somewhere over $8 trillion. So, if we take the $1.1 trillion from the nation’s richest people, we reduce the debt by 1/8, and we only put 371 people on the street. Sure, it would cost localities a bit to pay for homeless services, but in terms of program cuts we could avoid, the net gain would be more than massive.

Now, that’s really getting some bang out of the US Dollar.

Kosher Ham

PS - The quickest way I'm going become a millionaire is to marry (sorry, honey) the woman on the left in the picture above. That's 22-year old Hind Hariri, the daughter of slain Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and the youngest billionaire in the world.


Blogger guerrilla blogger said...

yeah, she is a billionaire, but deep down inside, is she *really* happy?...

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