Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Paper Tiger . . .

I was reading this article in Los Angeles Times, and I thought it was interesting. The article is a pretty generic story, probably generated by the books publisher, and the film's promoter. Anyway, the story hypes the release of the paper-back version of the Da Vinci Code.

I'm assuming this is the release of the paper-back version of the book - in the United States. Because, when I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the summer of 2004, I purchased a paper-back copy of the book. It was one of the few books actually printed in English, and I heard of it, so it made natural sense to purchase the book for about $11. Oh, and if you think I found it in some small hole-in-the-wall book store . . . think again. I bought it at Wal-Mart*.

I've since lent my copy of the book out, so I can't verify who printed it. But, I did find out soon after I purchased the book, that it was not available in paper back. When I was reading the book on the plane back home, and women asked me where I got the book, and was stunned that I had a copy of the book in paper back.

I told her, "I guess cheap prescription drugs aren't the only thing you can get in Mexico."

Kosher Ham

* This was my one and only trip to a Wal-Mart anywhere in the world.


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