Friday, February 10, 2006

Under The Banyan Tree . . .

If you have nothing to do tonight, an you're not as tired as I am, go to diPiazza's. Tim Grobaty, of the Press-Telegram, tells us:

"Mike Watt, from San Pedro's legendary Minutemen, has, as one of his side projects, the super-ish group Banyan, which also includes percussionist Stephen Perkins, from Jane's Addiction; guitarist Nels Cline, currently of Wilco; trumpeteer Willie Waldman, who blows the horn for Snoop Dogg, when the need arises; and painter Norton Wisdom, on canvas.

Banyan plays tonight at 9:30 at diPiazza's Restaurant & Bar, 5205 Pacific Coast Highway."

I won't be seeing you there, though I must say, seeing Nels Cline might be worth the trip. Oddly, I've seen all these musicians perform before with other bands (I think even the dude on canvas, he'll be painting, not playing drums in case you wondering)

Kosher Ham


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