Friday, December 23, 2005

Trick Question Of The Week . . .

This is rhetorical because there is no “War on Christmas”. There’s no more a ‘War on Christmas’ than there are WMD in Iraq.

It doesn’t exist!

  1. Our country is in a real war, and real troops won’t be spending the real holidays with their real families. Paraphrasing Nicolas Kristoff’s opinion piece in the New York Times, I’ll say, when there is a real war going on, people should re-consider the use of the word to describe disagreements about Christmas greetings.
  1. There is plenty of Christmas spirit in the air, if you can’t find, don’t blame others . . . it’s time to look in the mirror and do a self-evaluation.
  1. Don’t let the sales people at the mall make or break your Christmas season as they ring you up at the checkout stand. I hate going to the mall at this time of year. I usually have to wait on line so long just to check out that I couldn’t care if the cashier told be to shove mistletoe up my ass, I just want to get out of there.
  1. I don’t know anybody that wants to celebrate Christmas and will not be able to. There’s no persecution, there is no need for secret Christmas handshakes, nobody has to keep a Christmas tree in their attic so the neighbors don’t see it, and somebody has got to be raking in a fortune on those Santa caps.

I can’t understand why folks like O’Reilly want to see a greater Christmas presence in American mall’s of all places. I thought they were opposed to the secularization of Christmas. If I were James Dobson I wouldn’t want the holiest day on my calendar associated with The Gap in anyway. But, that’s just me.

I’m Jewish anyway, so from my point of view it’s hard for me to see where Christmas spirit is being muted. Even had a headline pronouncing, “Poll: More Americans prefer 'Merry Christmas' greeting”. According the article, “69 percent said they prefer "Merry Christmas" over "Happy holidays," which garnered 29 percent.”

Last I checked we didn’t gauge this country’s moral compass based on what mall cashiers have to say. If Bill O’Reilly wants to see more Christmas spirit, he should spend more time getting Christians to Church, and not worrying about what a mall cashier is going to say. For the first time since 1994, Christmas will fall on a Sunday . . . also known as the Lords Day. So, since Jesus’ birthday is on his special day of the week this year, you would think they would be flocking to church.

Not so, some of the nation's most prominent megachurches have decided not to hold worship services on the Sunday that coincides with Christmas Day.

But for the vast majority of the other churches, closing down on Christmas Sunday would be unthinkable. "I can't even imagine not observing Christmas in an Episcopal church," said Robert Williams, a spokesman for the Episcopal Church USA.

In many Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, known for their rich liturgical traditions, Christmas Day attracts far more worshippers than an average Sunday. "From the Catholic perspective, the whole purpose of the holiday is to celebrate it as a religious holiday in the company of the community, and for Catholics that means at Mass," said Robert J. Miller, director of research and planning in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Canceling worship on Christmas Day appears to be predominantly a megachurch phenomenon, sociologists of religion say.

"This attachment to a particular day on the calendar is just not something that megachurches have been known for," Nancy Ammerman, a sociologist of religion at Boston University, said. "They're known for being flexible and creative, and not for taking these traditions, seasons, dates and symbols really seriously.

All I can say is, celebrate the holidays the best you see fit, and send your thoughts and prayers to parts of the world that need it the most . . . and throw in an extra prayer for Bill O'Reilly

Happy Holiday,

Kosher Ham

PS – I guess I could’ve just said, “Mega-Churches Aiding ‘War on Christmas’ by refusing to hold mass on Christmas Day”, and that would’ve done the job . . . too bad I didn’t think of that until after I finished this.


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