Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Talking Back . . .

In the Long Beach Press-Telegram, they print anonymous comments from people presumably from our community. As the comments are anonymous, I suppose we really have no way of knowing how genuine the comments are. One thing that we do know is that the comments can often be absurd. Take this one for example:

We have over 2,000 dead men and women in Iraq in over two years of war, yet the Democrats and the news media criticize Bush for Iraq and never speak of the 9/11 or Pearl Harbor attacks that happened all in one day.


I'd love to send my comments in, but they might actually print them. You see, you can only have so many things printed in any given period of time. So, I'd rather not waste my comments on something so stupid. That's what I have this blog for.

My response:

Actually, one of this years keynote speakers at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Pearl Harbor, HI was Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye, who witnessed the Pearl Harbor attack and served in World War II. As for your absurd comment regarding 9/11, there are currently at least nine Iraqi War Veterans vying to become the first soldiers of the post-9/11 military to be elected to the House of Representatives, according to party leaders. Eight of the nine are running as Democrats. Most went to the front lines from the Reserves or the National Guard. The Democrats have candidates who have first hand experience in fighting the war on terror, instead of a Vice-President who sought military deferments, and a President, who was virtually absent from the National Guard. Maybe you didn’t see the 9/11 Commission (which consists of Democrats and Republicans), just last week, come out and give the Bush Administration an F for acting to protect the United States from another terrorist attack. Next time you want to throw around a bunch of red-baiting lies to attack Democrats, at least have the guts to put your name on it (and for the love of the country, stop watching Fox News Channel).

Kosher Ham


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