Friday, December 16, 2005

Semi-Intriguing Question of the Week . . .

Is King Kong a racist film?

Or another way of asking it . . .

Do King Kong movies bear racial subtext toward dark people?

Lot's of people think so. Type "King Kong racist" into Google, and you'll get 494,000 hits. Obviously the thought of King Kong being a racist film has been discussed since the original film was released in 1933. Peter Jackson's remake is stirring the question once again.

Now I haven't seen the new King Kong yet, and I haven't seen the others in awhile (which is why I'm copping out and not answering the question), but from what I understand, whether it is version from 1933, 1976 or 2005, the movie King Kong shows:

1-White people going to remote islands reminding us of the white slave traders going to Africa.
2-King Kong eats dark women but falls in love with a white blond woman.
3-The capture of King Kong is a reminder of these white slave traders capturing black Africans.
4-The transfer of King Kong to New York is a reminder of black slaves moved to the new world.
5-The exhibition of King Kong for profits is a reminder of slavery in cotton fields and other areas of commerce.
6-The revolt and subsequent destruction of King Kong, serves as a warning to the dark slaves that the light-skinned people will prevail.

What Say You?

Kosher Ham


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