Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Long Beach Report . . .

I'll take a little time here to point in the direction of an informative website that should be of at least some interest to many Long Beach residents. At you can find a variety of information about what's going on in and around Long Beach.

LB Report is a "media" website that offers great alternatives to the local print media.

I don't like everything they report on, such as car accidents and murders (I guess if it bleeds it leads). The website is certainly not afraid to point a glaring finger at City Hall actions, and everybody, and I mean everybody, should appreciate that. LB Report has provided in depth coverage of the LNG 'spectacle' in Long Beach, as well as the Redevelopment Agency showdown.

I got a chance to meet the editor (off the record), William Pearl, and let him know I appreciate his site. He seemed excited and enthusiastic about his work, and I look forward to viewing the continued development of his website. He never covered the Housing Trust Fund issue I was working on, but given the likely readership . . . maybe he was doing me a favor.

Kosher Ham

PS - You'll find a link on the left to LB Report - Check it out!


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