Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Discount Time . . .

My Pop turned 55 today, and after testing me as to his age, he was quick to tell me he was eligible for senior discounts now. Knowing my Pop, he’ll take advantage of that at every turn.

To tell you the truth, I’m not even fazed by the fact that my father turned 55 today. The older I get, the younger both my parents seem to me. That’s a good thing, because while we still make that father/son connection, we now make a man-to-man connection as well.

I was thinking about my Pop this week. I was thinking back to all the good times we had, and I thought of this moment I wanted to share.

My father has taught special education for well over 20 years. During that time, he’s gone to various Southern California amusement parks with his students, almost all of whom were students with significant disabilities. On a few occasions I got to go ‘help’. Because most of the students in my Pop’s classes used wheelchairs, we got to go around to the back of the ride, since the lines weren’t accessible, and other patrons would probably get upset seeing our group pass by them (I’m just guessing on this).

So, around the back we’d go, where the attendants would stop the cart, and let my pop load the students on to the ride. That was the thrill, seeing my dad hoist these students onto the rides. They would be so excited! At that moment, he was Superman to me.

You still are my Superman! Happy Birthday!

Kosher Ham

PS - That's a picture of my family from a protest in Rancho Cucamonga. The date was February 14, 2004, and we were in front of Senator Jim Brulte's office. We were protesting potential cuts to In-Home Supportive Services. No cuts were made. Back row, L to R: Pop, Me. Front Row, L to R: Aunt Terri (behind the sign), Mom, Uncle Terry.


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